Monthly Archives: June 2014

Art and sculpture

Glass Art by Alex Blakey

Holmfirth glass artist Alex Blakey create a beautiful range of one off artworks and sculptures. The work is based on the concept of memory collection. Memories are something we all carry with us. If we can collect a million brilliant memories in our lifetime then we are richer than any amount...
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Alx Creations creates bespoke architectural and interior glass work for commercial and residential properties. We specialise in kiln formed glass in the form of both textured glass and coloured kiln formed glass with a focus on frit work. Alx Creations can design, manufacture and supply glass for a wide range of projects from bespoke glass windows to large partitions...
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Alx Creations is able to work with a range of clients to provide bespoke glass art for residential, public and commercial projects. Commissions are often initiated through photographs of specific places, items or memories that the client wishes to encapsulate in glass. Clients will then be encouraged to discuss with us their own ideas about...
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