History lies around us Memories lie within us Both are moments in time Some are ephemeral; some are carved in our souls

At Alx Creations I endeavor to hold those memories and the emotions they evoke, in beautiful, handcrafted glass. Alx Creations is one of the UK’s leading glass artists. At Alx Creations, I takes pride in the creation of each individual piece ensuring that the work I creates is as individual as its owner. As a glass artist I believe that glass has the ability to connect us between both the existing and imagined world. It can provide a window into the past or a glimpse into the future.

My work draws inspiration from individual and collective stories and memories. I utilise natural colours and the transparent qualities of glass to create a wide collection of evocative pieces. Throughout my practice I combine texture and the natural qualities of glass with other materials such as wood, concrete, stone and steel to create robust works of art for both the home and the public realm.

Much of my work features collective memories and glimpses into moments past. It draws connections to its surroundings and creates a sense of narrative for the viewer. Each piece Is designed to be as unique as its surroundings. All my work aims to provoke thought, a sense of contemplation and a feeling of connection to the space.

My work ranges from small pieces of bespoke sculpture to large works of public art, gallery work and commissions. I am passionate about the difference art can make within communities and strive to work closely with a wide variety of groups during the commissioning process with the aim of improving wellbeing, community cohesion and understanding.


about me

Alex Blakey

Alex Blakey – Managing Director I have had a passion for art my whole life. I trained in Three Dimensional Design, at Manchester Metropolitan University. It was here that I developed a passion for glass. I went to London to learn more about the industrial glass industry first hand. I then moved to Slaithwaite where I completed some business training before setting up Alx Creations. Since setting up Alx Creations I have expanded my knowledge of glass. I love the challenge of working on a wide range of projects and experimenting with new techniques.


exhibitions, arts markets and galleries

  • Artistry- The Stalls Makers Market– 2019
  • Liverpool Winter Market – 2019
  • Holmfirth Art Week – 2019
  • A Month of Sundays, Marsden – 2019
  • Art at the house – Cliffe House -2019
  • Artery Gallery St Andrews 2015 – 2019
  • Enjoy Art Marsden, 2014-19
  • Millennium Gallery – Handmade for Christmas – 2018
  • Liverpool Winter Market – 2018
  • Salford Makers Market – 2018
  • Holmfirth Art Week – 2018
  • The Gallery Slaithwaite 2014 – 2018
  • Saltaire arts trail – open gardens -2016
  • The craft centre and Design Gallery Leeds 2016-18
  • RHS Tatton Flower Show -2016
  • Going Sane, Hoot, Huddersfield – 2016
  • Contemporary Glass Society, Festival of glass, Wolverhampton – 2015
  • Golden Hare Gallery, Ampthill 2015-2016
  • Art Market Holmfirth 2015, 2016
  • Galley Fifty Five Hartley Wintney 2015-16
  • Doghouse Gallery Northern Ireland 2015-17
  • Kunsthuis Gallery York 2015 – 2016
  • Macclesfield Open, Macclesfield 2014-15
  • Jack Sevens Macclesfield 2014/15
  • The Old Grammar School Gallery Otley, 2014
  • Fringe Arts Bath Festival Bath, 2014
  • Lawrence Batley Theatre Huddersfield, 2014
  • The Slaithwaite Gallery Slaithwaite, 2014
  • Open Art Exhibition Macclesfield, 2013-14
  • The Corn Exchange Manchester, 2013
  • New Designers London, 2013
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