Alx Creations creates bespoke architectural and interior glass work for commercial and
residential properties. We specialise in kiln formed glass in the form of both
textured glass and coloured kiln formed glass with a focus on frit work.
Alx Creations can design, manufacture and supply glass for a wide range of
projects from bespoke glass windows to large partitions for commercial

Alx creations particularly specialise in kiln formed glass fa├žades. Where new
buildings replace old, a whole history can be lost. The walls of Britain’s oldest
buildings hold the stories of our past and create a human connection to the
space. Alx Creations is able to make direct or in-direct glass casts of original
buildings or features that can be used in new builds, to create a sense of history
where history would otherwise be lost. Sections can also be used in restoration
work, interior design or sculptural work.

For the home:

My work is based on history, personal memories and emotional attachment. This means that my clients have a strong connection to their completed artwork. It is never ‘art for art’s sake’, but something which resonates on a personal, deeper level.

At AlxCreations we talk to our clients, but more importantly, we listen. We listen to their story, their history their memories and we base our suggestions on what we have heard. At each developmental stage we go back for approval to ensure we have captured the essence of their thoughts.

In Business:

Of course a business may not want to incorporate anything so personal. In this situation, we discuss the history and ethos of the company to encapsulate in our design. Again, a client is consulted at developmental stages to ensure they are satisfied with every feature.

At Alx Creations we work with your clients and we work with you. Together, we can create artwork as unique as the client themselves. Alx Creations also offer the opportunity for clients to become personally involved in the creation of their piece. Clients are invited to visit Alx Creations and get involved in both the design and hands on creation of their work. This is entirely optional but has proved incredibly popular due to the sense of ownership it creates. This also works particularly well when creating artwork for public spaces. Consultation and involvement of those who will inhabit the space is proven to lead to better social cohesion upon completion.

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