BCTF 2015

British Craft Trade Fair 201∞Alx Creations recently exhibited as part of the British CraftTrade Fair 2015.This was my first trade show and was a brilliant insight into the world of gallery owners. Over the three days I met a number of interesting people from all over Britain. Many of these were artists like myself and many others were gallery owners or retailers. BCTF 2015 has been running now for 35 years and as soon as I arrived, the quality of craft on offer really showed. When creating my stand I started out by collecting items with a personal resonance to reflect the memories and history that inspire most of my work. I then used these to show varying collections, from my ‘Historic landscape’ work to, ‘Bird on a wire’ and my even my larger kiln formed pieces. My new pho- tographic collection gained particular interest spurring me to develop the collection upon my return home. I am now looking forward to working alongside a range of new and diverse gal- leries across the country.

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