Commemorative flame for Tatton Park

Alx Creations is currently working with Cheshire East Reflects to produce a a commemorative flame for Tatton Park in remembrance of the brave men and women of Cheshire East who gave their lives in the Great War. Cheshire East reflects is a four year long programme run by Cheshire East Council to commemorate the centenary or the First World War. The commemorative flame will stand outside the Mansion at Tatton Park for the duration of the project and will be lit daily from 4th August 2014 until 4th August 2018. After this the piece will then be moved inside. 

The piece will allow visitors to Tatton Park and the flame to gain a glimpse into the lives of the local people during the First World War. The surround will be created from kiln formed glass with a cast concrete base. The glass will be formed to include the imprints of images of Cheshire East during WW1 and words will be sandblasted into the glass in commemoration of the great men of East Cheshire who gave their lives to protect us. The flame represents an eternal memory. We owe a debt of gratitude to those men and women of the Great War. Seeing the flame through glass represents how we today picture the war, with slightly blurred vision; time and memory may distort the images but those images will never be extinguished from our hearts and minds. Visitors can view the flame litterally ‘through’ the words and pictures of those who were there. 

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