Eternal Memories workshop - Haven High yr 10


On Friday I visited Haven High School, Boston to run a full day workshop as part of my research for the Eternal Memories Water Sculpture. Eternal Memories is and ‘On your doorstep’ commission by Transported, Lincolnshire.

I was able to work with a wonderful group of yr. 10 art students on a number of projects.

The first half of the day we explored the idea of memory collection through a variety of media from wire to thread, ink and pen. We discussed and recreated our own childhood memories through single line drawing and from they’re developed our ideas into different pieces.

The afternoon began with a discussion about the areas heritage. From this the students went on to create a three-dimensional, paper cut, folding story box. The boxes contained scenes created by the students based on what they felt were important aspects of the areas history.

At the end of the day we assembled all of the student’s work and ideas and they worked in teams to produce sample designs for a panel.

The work that the students came up with will directly influence the content of the final design for the water feature panels aligned with ideas from the Sgraffito workshop and the upcoming Eternal Memories public workshop day. Locals and visitors to Boston are also invited to submit ideas and thoughts to the project’s Facebook page or via email to These too will impact greatly upon the final design.


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